Introduction Letter

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde


You may be wondering why we began this letter with a quote from Oscar Wilde. We’ll get to that. Firstly, we’re delighted to take this opportunity to introduce you to ALL THINGS VALR and to thank you for your support.

VALR is an urban, conscious and progressive brand bringing you the highest quality personal fashion accessories to complement and enhance your lifestyle.

Entrepreneurs know best that when there is a need, it must be filled. But when that need is a deeply intrinsic human need, we must take a different approach. Naturally, due to the pandemic, we had our fair share of concerns about launching a business in these unprecedented and confusing times. But we were certain that we didn’t want to start just another venture; we wanted to make a difference, however small or large.

With that in mind, we spent countless weeks thinking about what our brand’s vision and values really are and we finally decided, that VALR will be built on 3 fundamental pillars:

  1. GIVING BACK - We will always make an effort to grow alongside a community or faction of the society that is economically, socially or educationally underprivileged. This will be a monthly effort which will be undertaken by our outreach initiative, “VALR DRIVE”.
  2. TRANSPARENCY - We will always be transparent about our company goals, our vision and our outreach initiatives.
  3. CUSTOMER SERVICE - We will always work towards setting a high standard of customer satisfaction through our quality products and services.

Coming back to the quote by Oscar Wilde, through VALR Drive, we aim to create and take part in an outreach program every month, in order to give back to our local community. Closer to launch, the details of our first monthly initiative will be shared with you. For now, all we know is that every month we will strive to make a difference - that may be by donating a portion of our revenue to the underprivileged, or by spending our time and energy in aiding marginalised communities. By empowering these individuals and communities, we can establish COLLECTIVE growth and thus promote the CULTURE of giving back. Many of us may have intentions to act and do good. We at VALR urge you to convert those intentions into actions. Together we can make a difference. Oscar Wilde’s words hold true even today, and always will.

In closing, we at VALR hope to build a sustainable and scalable model and look forward to you joining us on this journey. Let’s make giving back, cool. 

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